Linda Cahan of Cahan & Company, Portland, Oregon has a proven track record of helping retailers look better to sell more. She consults with retailers of all sizes and categories to improve their bottom line through creative, affordable and appropriate visual merchandising, store design and renovations.

Her extensive experience covers almost all retail categories. What also sets her apart is her understanding of how people, energy and light move through a space and how that impacts sales. Her deep understanding and experience with retail color and customer psychology, experiential retail and emotional/sensory retail also help to increase sales and develop customer loyalty.


                     Sometimes the smallest changes can make a store great.

   Linda intuitively knows what those changes are and how to implement them.

How is your approach to visual merchandising effective?
  • Visual Merchandising Consultations

  • Visual Store Analysis

  • Visual Merchandising Courses

  • Custom Retail Seminars and Workshops

  • Merchandise Display

  • Standards Guides/Manuals (Custom)

  • Store Renovation or Design Consultations

  • Visual Merchandising Training

  • Team-Building

Presents well-received retail seminars throughout the US and worldwide

You only have two seconds to grab a customer’s attention.

Make those the right two seconds!

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For ALL Retailers - All Categories

Here's a quick lesson in store design and visual merchandising that will make your store memorable and buzz-worthy! A quick eight minutes can alter how you look at your overall store design and inspire you to make at least one great change to enhance your image and create more business.

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