2018: linda cahan . cahan & company . retail design. visual merchandising . retail seminars, standards manuals  visual merchandising training


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How is your approach to visual merchandising effective?

How is your approach to visual merchandising effective?

How do your consultations work?

How have you helped independent retailers?

What do you want attendees to experience at your seminars?

How do your clients benefit from a visual analysis?

How have you made a difference for a corporate client?

Why are Custom Visual Standards Manuals important?

What are the keys to effective store design?

How do you customize seminar

information for each client?

How is your holistic approach to training effective?

Tell us about your books.

Why is VM training important?

Tell us about one of your favorite projects.

How do you incorporate Feng Shui into your designs?

How to use a hot glue gun.

This is the first video I ever recorded. I had to tape my iPhone to a tripod. It was an interesting experience. But, while the visuals may not be perfect, the information is helpful.