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How do retailers benefit from a Visual Analysis?


  1. A list of what is working well in the store and what needs change or improvement.

  2. A step-by-step plan to improve, move or renovate the areas that need work; within your budget and time frame.

  3. A list of vendors (if requested) to help complete the process.

  4. Ongoing support for the projects either by phone or in person depending upon location.


1. A complete analysis/diagnostic of visual

    impressions to determine what is working

    what isn't, and why. This includes everything 

    that can been seen by a customer as he or

    she walks up to, into, and through your store.

2. Develop a plan to fix what isn't working on a

    workable budget and schedule.

3. Create a step-by-step plan to implement the


4. Each analysis is based on a day or hourly

    rate plus travel expenses.


How does a consultation work?


Visual Merchandising and Store Design Consulting


"Linda is a gifted communicator and highly talented visual merchandiser."

G. Murray Stranks, Perennial, Inc.

“Linda Cahan is an exceptional individual both professionally and personally. Unlike many who profess to be visual merchandisers or "retail consultants", Linda has the perfect balance of creativity and a view of the ultimate return on investment... She has proven herself in retail projects that ranged from apparel to gifts to high tech both as a consultant and as executive in a corporate retail environment. She is outstanding.”                    Brad Boa, Marketing, Business Strategy Consultant, Dallas Food Desert mitigation advocate

“Linda can truly make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I had a very low budget for the first redesign of my retail store. Linda calls on her many years of traditional store design combined with her further study of Feng Shui to bring all the details together. I call on her when I need a new look or a lift in a certain area and she takes what I have plus a few "goodies" that she brings along to create a professional look. She sees the big picture and communicates it very effectively.”                        

Diane Bays, Owner, Healthy Spaces Wellness

“Linda has an amazing passion for her work in visual merchandising and store design! She is very observant, quick to analyze a retail space and offers excellent recommendations based on years of experience. Her customers love the results! I highly recommend Linda to any retail store owner.”                                                   

Susan Jenkins, Retail Dimensions, Inc.

“Linda is a knowledgeable retail consultant who provides well thought out recommendations that can be implemented with ease. Linda's creativity and expertise is an immense asset to retail store environments. I highly recommend Linda for all retailers, large or small.”                                                                             

Debra Cole-DeFreece, Recruiting Manager at Wilber-Ellis Company

“Linda Cahan is so talented and creative, yet so approachable and respects the parameters of her clients strives to do her utmost to empower her clients with display ideas that bring them to another level without exceeding a financial level they are uncomfortable.”                                                                                           

Brian David Lawrence, Marketing, PR & Consulting for the Event, Stationery & Wedding Industry

“My electrician got most of my lights finished today. It looks amazing! Thank you so much for your lighting plan!! The mood is perfect! The lighting gives a nice warm feel - I love it!! Tomorrow I will get my string lights up and the rest of my pendants.”

Holli Woods, Posh & Pine, Bonney Lake, WA


“Linda Cahan came in and aesthetically re-purposed my waiting room in a way that invites our patients to relax and feel at home. Quality, service, and her eye for creativity stand out as three essential elements that influenced our decision to bring in Linda and she did an absolutely wonderful job. Thank you Linda!”                   Dr. Elaine Gillaspie, Portland Wellness Center owner and Naturopathic Doctor

“I met Linda ten years ago when she moved to West Linn from Connecticut. After learning about her consulting business and talking with her about the activities of the West Linn Chamber, she joined our organization. Linda is friendly and engaging and she quickly made contacts through the Chamber. West Linn has four distinct shopping districts and she offered me great advice for helping them collaborate on promotions that encouraged residents to shop in West Linn. When the Chamber was developing a tourism exhibit to put on display at trade shows, I hired Linda to create a system that was easy to install and visually effective. Linda completed her work on time and on budget. I also booked Linda as a speaker for the West Linn Chamber's Forum luncheon. Her presentation on creating the ideal atmosphere for customers was valuable not only to retailers but to other business owners such as insurance agents, bankers and real estate brokers. More recently, I booked Linda to speak to Hood River's retailers and again, her presentation was filled with ideas that were relevant and easy to implement. Linda's expertise, speaking skills and visually powerful Power Point presentations offered members of the West Linn Chamber and Hood River County Chamber with incredible value.”                               

Mary Closson, Executive Director- Preconception to Infancy Program


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