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80% of people have a visual memory of their shopping experience. Do they remember your store?

Visual Merchandising 101:

Brighten Your Retail Store and Spark Sales


Even the smallest detail can negatively impact the way

customers see your store. A dim corner. Lackluster

displays. Keeping your store buzzing with energy –

and sales – is easier than you think. A few strokes of paint

can increase sales up to 25%. When your store’s image is

strong, shopping transforms to an experience.

Visual Merchandising 101 is a two-part, 2.5-hour online class that provides tangible ways to pull the image of your store into sharp focus – along with the philosophy that fuels ongoing success. Taking this class will give you and your team actionable ways to:


  • Revive and refresh your store’s interior

  • Make customers fall in love with your store

  • Keep the internet from depleting your sales

  • Create window displays with real stopping power

  • Sell more and gain more credibility


Tapping into a wealth of retail knowledge collected from around the world, retail consultant and trainer Linda Cahan leads you through:


Part One

Why Customers Buy

How We Learn and Remember

Creative Window Displays


Focusing on Focal Points 

Understanding How to Use Retail Color Psychology

(One hour long with 359 slides)

Part Two 

Merchandising Techniques for Hard and Soft Lines

Basics of Display Presentation

Oh Mannequins!


Sensory Merchandising 

One Great Thing To Change Your Life

(1.5 hours long with 433 slides)


About Your Instructor

Linda Cahan is an expert visual merchandising/store design professional, consultant, author, seminar presenter, trainer and coach. For thirty-five years, she has achieved measurable results helping retailers accomplish their goals. From her years of extensive overseas travel consulting with international clients, she speaks in a clear measured cadence. People for whom English is a second language can easily follow these seminars. She lives in Oregon with her husband and feisty cat.


    If you purchase both: Part One and Part Two -  you save $20!

                             Entire VM 101 seminar for $119.90

                        COUPON CODE: BUYBOTHget20%OFF

Part One: $69.95

A link will be sent once your purchase has been completed

Part Two: $69.95

A link will be sent once your purchase has been completed

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