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A training class can be tailored to any size group. Linda has trained experienced retailers as well as beginners in how to best merchandise their stores and create compelling displays. She doesn’t just instruct people WHAT they should do but WHY these techniques work best to create sales. Knowledge creates interest – which helps to influence ongoing visual merchandising maintenance.

Classes can range from three hours to more extensive programs of up to six two-day sessions. Ideally, Linda would walk the selling floor of at least one store with smaller groups of employees. If that is not possible, she will take photos of the stores before the training to show as examples in the presentations and workshops.

Linda Cahan trains your staff to:

  • Merchandise the selling floor

  • Create successful interior and window displays

  • Develop and maintain focal points

  • Understand the need for constant VM maintenance and innovation

Visual Merchandising Training:

Why is visual merchandising training important?

Visual Merchandising Training

& Team Building

  • A Visual Merchandising training session can be as simple as a few hours or can be up to six two-day sessions.

  • The simplest training consists of a slide seminar on your specific category and if photos are taken/sent in advance, it can be customized even further. If desired, the seminar can happen in the morning with both walk-through and hands-on training afterwards in the store.

  • If more extensive training is required, you will receive a combination of seminars, hands-on training, walk-throughs of your store and related stores. Q&A sessions will be used to discuss issues that come up for the people being trained and how to best deal with them creatively, emotionally and intellectually.

Why is holistic training important?

Visual Merchandising 101, Parts One and Two, is the ideal online course for anyone starting out in retail as well as an excellent refresher for more experienced retailers.

If you’re unable to attend one of Linda’s seminars, these two videos will give you huge value for your time, with the added benefit of your being able to review them for repeated boosts. They are also a terrific way to inspire your employees to contribute creative ideas and maintain your store impeccably.

You will discover this seminar becomes your “go-to” source for sparking creative ideas for your retail business.

Visual Merchandising 101 is a two-part three-hour class in visual merchandising and display that helps you upgrade your stores to increase your sales. In these two seminars you'll receive an intensive online course in visual merchandising focusing on how to make it simple and affordable while you create and maintain a strong image for your store.


Part One goes into: Why We Buy, How We Learn and Remember, Creative Window Displays, Lighting, Focusing on Focal Points and understanding Retail Color Psychology and how and why to use color in your stores.


Part Two covers: Merchandising Techniques for hard and soft lines, Basics of Display presentation including angles/balance/geometry and flow, Mannequins, Signage, Sensory Merchandising and if you only do one thing – the one thing that will change and improve your life and business

Included are 825 colorful idea-packed slides of different creative displays from a wide variety stores in the US and around the world of clients and other retailers Linda has encountered throughout her visual merchandising consulting career.

 Linda talks along with the slides, allowing you to see the images in full-screen mode. From her years of extensive travel, consulting with international clients, she speaks in a clear measured cadence so that people for whom English is a second language can easily follow these seminars.


Part One and Part Two are $69.95 each.

Special offer: If you purchase both at the same time you will receive a 20% savings!

Discount code appears in SHOP.


"Linda is a creative thinker that challenges new and old beliefs in form and function. She helped my Visual Merchandising team identify current wins and steps for each team member to take their areas to the next level. She also helped with core needs that the Visual Merchandising team will need to sustain a level of expertise with the Merchant and other support groups. I recommend Linda for Visual Merchandising or retail programs that involve knowledge building as she has helped us across multiple categories from foods to apparel."

Kurt Strasser, formerly Visual Merchandising Director, Meijer, currently: Knorr Marketing, Traverse City, MI

"Upon completion of a new retail prototype for our client, supercenter chain Meijer, the need was identified for more impactful and powerful visual merchandising. After interviewing many VM specialists on behalf of Meijer, we were thrilled to connect with Linda at Cahan & Company. Linda is a gifted communicator and highly talented visual merchandiser. She is extremely insightful and has the ability to break down and simplify the complexities of visual design for clients and laypeople. Her curriculum and her capacity to connect personally with participants provided the VM team at Meijer with the solid foundation needed to deliver tremendous value to their internal merchant/clients, and, ultimately, Meijer's customers. Her training will continue to deliver value as the team members move on and expand their careers."

G. Murray Stranks, Rodmell & Company Inc., Toronto, Canada, formerly with Watt International, Canada

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