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100 Displays Under $100 in PDF format

Got Window Display Envy?

Ever walk by a cool looking window display and wonder “how can I get that happening in my store? It must cost a fortune!”
Now you can make it happen with this “recipe” book of fun, flexible and fabulous displays ideas from all over the USA. Each display lists the ingredients and the set-up instructions clearly. All are under $100.
PDF format: $25 - File is sent via, Purchase via:


Opening or renovating your store? Do it right the first time!

Feng Shui for Retailers gives you insight combined with practical knowledge of the concepts of Feng Shui and how they can be used to enliven your retail space and stimulate better sales. By applying many of these ideas, a retailer can energize and balance their store, making it more welcoming and comfortable for their customers and staff.
This book simplifies a very complicated and ancient practice, making it understandable and “doable” for your store. It includes store layout, design, colors, cures, intentions and remedies for every type of retail space. Some readers have written to say it’s their store design “bible.”

This book answers many Feng Shui questions and is a must have for all retailers interested in making their stores more successful

$20 includes shipping in US. Purchase via:

For all other countries, please email me with your address for the correct shipping price

VISUAL MERCHANDISING 101, The Basics of Excellent Presentation

Visual Merchandising made easy. . .

Visual Merchandising & Display are two highly effective ways to differentiate your store image and brand from your competitors. This 110 minute seminar offers new insights to experienced retailers and good basic information for those new to the field. Some topics covered in this seminar are: Retail Color Psychology, Emotional & Sensory Merchandising, Retail Design & Display Techniques, Mannequins, Lighting, Signage plus Window and Interior Displays. You will be inspired by over 350 images of creative and interesting displays.

You will need QuickTime to open this DVD on your computer.

$75 includes shipping the US. Purchase via:

For all other countries, please email me with your address for the correct shipping price

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