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2023 – BRING IT ON!!!

I couldn’t wait for 2020 to end. It was a truly crappy year.

2022 was my year of massive changes – becoming single again after 22 years of happy togetherness, selling my home and getting rid of at least 85% of my accumulated stuff including family antiques, moving into a home a little over a quarter of the size of the sold home, and breaking and slowly healing my right arm. Becoming ambidextrous was a plus to that “adventure”.

So, I want to start 2023 with positive intentions! No more waiting for life to happen to me – time for me to state what I want!

Knowing and respecting Feng Shui, I set up a prosperity corner in the money section of my home. I bought a pretty pot and filled it with some sliver dollars, a pink quartz money tree, some crystals, something written in Chinese that hopefully says something positive about prosperity, and a written affirmation about what I want.

My affirmation:

In 2023 and beyond money flows freely into my bank accounts. I can buy whatever I need and want comfortably. I travel wherever I desire easily. I have the perfect amount of

savings for the future. I continue to work when I want, doing jobs I enjoy and/or love, for good people that I like & respect and the feelings are mutual. These jobs are in the Portland, OR area or in places I want to travel to see or visit friends and family.

My all-expenses paid jobs are consulting with retailers large and small on how to improve their stores, giving stress-free seminars, and doing consults for manuals that I write for companies.

I work as long as I choose to happily and healthily.

What brought me joy this morning was buying some Marie Kondo drawer organizers for my sock drawer. This may sound less than exciting but I’m thrilled!!! sorted them by color and as having matching socks is a psychological imperative for me, I can now find what I want quickly and easily.

Marie urges people to roll socks carefully as rolling the tops over feels painful for the socks. I can anthropomorphize almost anything but that stops at socks!!! Let the suckers suffer .

This column is usually geared to retailers and even though I’ve made it personal, the concepts work for everyone. Clean out your stockroom – even if it’s only one shelf at a time. Clean out your own sock draw so you have one less stressor in the morning.

Write up your goals for this new year and do so in the present tense, keeping everything positive. Instead of “I’ll stop procrastinating” – try “I get everything done on time”.

Put your affirmation for prosperity in an attractive jar or pot and place it in the far left nineth of your store. You can find that by standing in your front door, looking into the store and mentally dividing your store into nine equal sections. The far left 1/9th section is your prosperity area. If that’s your bathroom, you may put the jar against the outside of the bathroom wall in that section. And keep your washroom door always shut with the toilet seat down. If your prosperity section is your stockroom, keep it neat and organized. Of course, that would always help you out for all good reasons!

Wishing you all a truly FABULOUS 2023 and may all your positive wishes come true for you!

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