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Best Back-to-School Window I've seen this year!

I fell in love with these two very fun window displays I saw at Puppernickel in Hillsboro, OR!

Glare is the enemy of great photos, but I hope you can see the terrific cleverness of the school for doggies. The teacher is next to the green bins with a plaid waistcoat and cherry bow tie.

Above the “classroom” are signs that can be seen over the cars parked in front of the store. Adding height always brings attention to windows in stores with on-street parking. The signs are painted like chalkboards and say WRITING, READING, and MATH.

The photo below shows the window from the inside – no glare so you can get a better idea of how clever this is. The fake grass is cut to fit the window’s base perfectly. No bunching. Small details like that make a huge difference!

The window to the right of the front door has a mass of plush animals with an “Adopt Me :-)” sign plus a fake fire hydrant. This is adorable and moving! Also, easy to install! The plush animals can be beloved used “pets” as well.

Kudos to Krystal Michaels Monroe at Puppernickel in Hillsboro, OR for her excellent work!

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